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Series Media is a media and sound diffusion company that specializes in the publication and distribution of Latin American music. Latin America has such an amazing culture and we believe that the best way to study the culture of a people if to study their music. One challenge with the music of Latin America is there are lots of great compositions that are either not yet published or some were published decades ago and are yet to be republished.

Series media and sound diffusion is a project that came out of two main projects coming together namely, Protov and Panaroma. We are based in Medellin Colombia but we work with clients across the entire South America. Since we specialize in promoting Latino music, we have also been approached by clients outside South America who are trying to curve out a niche in the Latin America music market.

Latin America’s Pioneers

Clubbing Destinations

Rio De Janeiro

This is Brazil’s capital and it’s laden with lots of fun activities for the merry makers. The city is renown the world over for its New year’s eve part at the Copacana beach which is the largest celebration in the city, and possible in the country.

Buenos Aires

This is the Argentina capital and apart from being the economic capital of the country, it also has one of the most exciting nightlife experiences in Latin America. The Palermo district has some of the most amazing clubs on the continent which stay open up to as late (or is it early) as 7.00am.

Best Featured Tracks