10 Best Featured Tracks

10 Best Featured Tracks

If you are a lover of Latin music , then you know even the most boring of them can make tap your foot and nod your head.  Here is a comprehensive list of the top 10 Latin songs:

If you are looking for a musician that straddles romance with norteño, Julion Alvarez is your man. The song is about a guy that allows her girl to leave her just because he is not doing enough for her.  It’s your perfect breakup song.

Jam Nicky is renowned for his flirtous and sultry lyrics that will sweep anyone. He lives up to this standard in Hasta el amanecer. It’s interesting to watch and listen as gets romantic using an upbeat rendition and that could explain why this song stubbornly remained number one for weeks on most charts following its release.

Andas en mi cabeza is one of the most romantic songs produced in 2016. The song was done by the Chino Y Nacho duo and it features Daddy Yankee. This is one song that will easily sweep you off your feet with its perambulating lyrics

This is another upbeat sensation that is worth dying for! This song led Carlos Vives Y Shakira to baggy a Grammy in the Latin music category. The song tells the story of bike ride down the cost of Colombia and the beautiful scenarios in the video coupled with the great lyrics and upbeat tune makes the music video a must watch!

This is a Kevin Johansen song featuring Miranda Johansen. In this song, we are reminded the importance and beauty of always remembering small things. What makes this song so amazing is the fact that it is a duet between father and daughter – just the antidote you need if you feel cast down.

Diego El Cigala became an international celebrity thanks to his electrifying performances of his Cuban classics with Valdes Bebo. In 2016, he decided to try out salsa in Moreno and alas! What a treat! If you are looking for a song that will get you dancing, look no further than Moreno soy

Deorro had a DJ dad who loved Elvis Crespo and so that was what he grew up listening to. His dad used to play a lot of Elvis Crespo’s music in weddings and other events. Almost 20 years down the line, Deorro has collaborated with Elvis Crespo in Bailar and the result has been amazing. The song is now a global phenomenon.

Chantaje, done by Shakira featuring Maluma, became the first Latin video to hit 100 million views in just a couple of months. Chantaje is so skilfully done that it sticks just after you listen to it once – which explains why even it has such a huge audience globally language barrier notwithstanding.

If you love listening to one song over and over again, Balvin’s safari is a perfect pick. Even though he mostly does reggae ton tracks, this reggae-infused tune is just amazing. Oh, and he features Pharrell too!

When Iglesias dropped hi hot Bailando track in 2014, most fans agreed that it just can’t get any better – they were wrong. It just did! Duele el Corazon is a masterpiece that will leave you craving for more!