Bahrein – The Hope Of Electronic Music In Buenos Aires

Bahrein – The Hope Of Electronic Music In Buenos Aires

The electronic music scene is slowly picking up pace in Buenos Aires in the wake of the lifting of ban by local authorities. Although not on par with places like Berlin or Amsterdam, Buenos Aires is home to some of the best electronic dance music. The city nurtures best talents aiming to satisfy the cravings of all the electronic music aficionados in the region.

Electronic Music In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has provided support to some of the finest DJs in the continent. This can be seen by the amazing slew of electronic music clubs the city offers. With the likes of Niceto Club, Palmero institution, Bahrein Club, Terrazas del Este, Pacha and Crobar, there is no dearth of clubs to cater to the electronic music fans here. Further the clubs also offer awesome dance floors, bars, performance art and more. Of the various clubs here, Bahrein deserves special mention.

club bahrein
Bahrein Club

Why Bahrein BA?

Bahrein club caters to diverse range of electronic music aficionados. There are many reasons for the popularity of the club among the locals and visitors.

Here are a few of them:

  • The Techno and House music pound the floors for four nights in a week.
  • Fridays feature Trance event named Trance xxs
  • Thursday nights have the drum and bass +160s
  • Saturdays are the most exciting as the club has a DJ of international repute.
  • Weekends also see the club open its Funky Room to patrons who do not prefer the DJ hosted space.
  • Music shows of national and international level

Bahrein club in Buenos Aires has several other advantages that work in its favor including professional bartenders, amazing sound, stylish and unique lighting, refreshing architecture and three spaces. In short, the club has everything you need for a night of fun and frolic. And entry is also easy to access without too many restrictions.

Entertainment To Remember

Situated in downtown area of Buenos Aires, Bahrein BA occupies space that was earlier a banking building back in 1904. The 2000 sq. m. space is thoughtfully decorated to deliver memorable experiences to the local, national and global visitors here.

The subsoil space houses the electronic club named Excess (also known as XSS). The space earlier occupied safes in the bank. Now the space includes a VIP room with space for 12 people, dance floor and a booth for the DJ. The space also includes two bars with one located in the lounge area and the other in the disc sector.

With weeklong entertainment planned to perfection, Bahrein BA delivers live and vibrant electronic music to its patrons. Ever since the removal of ban a few months back, Bahrein has emerged with vigor hosting several exciting and power packed music performances.

Conclusion: Visit Bahrein For An Authentic Electronic Music Experience

With historical architecture as backdrop, Bahrein club delivers some of the best electronic music performances in Buenos Aires. It is no wonder that electronic music lovers see it as their sole electronic music destination in the city. The exciting variety, well supplied bar, spectacular music, and excellent ambience make it the ideal destination you should frequent when in Buenos Aires.

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