About Us

About Us

Series Media is a media and sound diffusion company that specializes in the publication and distribution of Latin American music. Latin America has such an amazing culture and we believe that the best way to study the culture of a people if to study their music. One challenge with the music of Latin America is there are lots of great compositions that are either not yet published or some were published decades ago and are yet to be republished.

That’s where we come in.

Series media and sound diffusion is a project that came out of two main projects coming together namely, Protov and Panaroma. We are based in Medellin Colombia but we work with clients across the entire South America. Since we specialize in promoting Latino music, we have also been approached by clients outside South America who are trying to curve out a niche in the Latin America music market.

Medellin Colombia
Medellin Colombia

We mainly focus on publishing Latin American music that has been unpublished. Some of this music may have been unpublished for legal reasons or some might have never been published out of ignorance. Whatever the case might be, we have got your back.

Our integrated solution benefits both the musician as well as the customer. We offer the following services:

Music Production

Our role in your music production is to ensure your composed piece is recorded in a manner that makes it come out perfectly. This could mean lots of things depending on the artiste. For instance, we might advise on the genre, performance, voice overs etc. We work with qualified engineers to make sure we achieve the best possible output.

We work from the assumption that the client has already composed their own piece but we also have skilled composers who will advise on some dos and don’ts in the composition. Our music arranger helps to ensure that the recorded version of the song comes out in a logical and organized manner. At the end of the day, it is not just about making music but making music that will be a powerful communication tool.

We also have musician specialists who will work on instrumentals, vocals and track production. Finally, our music managers will oversee the entire project to ensure the music is successfully produced and then they also help in the marketing of the song to guarantee as much exposure as possible.

Music Publishing

This is arguably our most important task in our journey with our clients. Music publishing is how you get to monetize your awesome music. We work with our clients to ensure their music is published on platforms that will generate revenue for them. In most cases this is as a result of royalties due to the usage of the music in terrestrial radio stations, internet radio, Televisions, live playing. Etc.

Once we understand the message you want to communicate in your music and the genre of your songs, we will immediately publish it to the most relevant categories. We have established partnerships that we use so publishing your music will be just a breeze.

We believe every music in Latin America, however old and forget should be published. Some of the music we have published for our clients have done really well even though it was just gathering dust in the archives. It almost like the market is ready for the Latina music but the musicians do not know how to get it to them – that is where we come in.

Music Promotion

We pride ourselves in the awesome music promotion opportunities we offer our clients. We do this using a number of channels including playing it in parties, over radio stations, events, concerts etc. The biggest mistake most budding musicians make is assuming that everyone will accept their music. What we do is we define your target market based on the lyrics and style of music and then we target a market that is interested in that style in the promotion. There is no way we can go wrong with that!

In some instances, we encourage some musicians to do a remix in order to make the song more appealing to certain segment but it is rarely a necessity. We mostly work with what you already have and the result of other previous clients speaks for itself.