The Best Parties Ever Are Down South!

The Best Parties Ever Are Down South!

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If you want to live the wildest experiences in your live, don’t go to Europe, think Latin America as the biggest fountain of endless fun in the world!

We will tell you everything about the greatest spots, read on and party like an animal!

MYLF – Partying With Mature Women

MYLF - Party With Mature Ladies
MYLF – Party With Mature Ladies

This is it! You don’t actually have to travel to South America to experience the party of your lifetime. With mature women who are not only experienced but still looking fabulous you can have your very own, private party. At home. With upcoming launch of MYLFs you are going to experience 7 epic series where these ladies do what they do best – seduce. Fantasy situations leading to unforgettable events – this is what MYLFs are all about.

Hot Crazy Mess

Hot Crazy Mess - Nubiles Production
Hot Crazy Mess – Nubiles Production

Girls with daddy issues, the ones that love only older men. Platonic & directly they are interested only in relationships with men who are experienced in life. And their ways to achieve that are very simple. They seduce as good as they can and it ends up being one big hot crazy mess. This is the name of Nubiles’ newest production – where all amateur footage in POV style is going to show you the joy these daddy issues girls bring to older folks!

Rio de Janeiro

The carnival

Brazil is not only the biggest and most populated country in the region; it is also the home of one of the biggest parties in the world: The carnival. Brazilians have hot blood running through their veins all year long and know very well how to treat tourism because it’s one of their main income sources. There are at least two iconic moments to go there: New Year´s Eve and the Carnival itself. If you happen to enjoy dressing all in white and receiving the New Year on a beautiful beach at night, dancing and drinking with your bare feet on the sand while huge campfires burn till dawn, this is exactly what you’ll get right at Copacabana Beach. On the other hand, the carnival itself is all about glitter and sophistication; the Sambodromo is an experience you won’t forget as long as you live.

Apart from these two crucial moments, the city also offers a mesmerizing number of clubs and bars where you can go out early to listen to some live Bossa Nova and then lose your mind to trance music inside a gigantic club or make an attempt to dance Salsa at Lapa district.

It is not easy to start feeling the local rhythm and dance salsa properly, but you are granted a whole night of fun.

Bahrein Party

Buenos Aires

The capital city of Argentina, the most European country in the whole continent has as many options to offer that you won’t decide which to keep. There are also punctual events you can go to, but the most amazing features of Buenos Aires are the people and the long hours. You can go out to have some marvellous Argentinian meat, then go to the great cocktail and bar scene and then go to a club and dance all night. Yes, nightlife in Buenos Aires ends way after the day breaks in or can even last 24 hours. Locals call it ‘the city that never sleeps’ and they are completely right.

Palermo district is filled with bars and pubs that can turn into full-on clubs after 3 in the morning (things are getting warmed up by that time) but it is not the only option, you could go downtown to Bahrein and dance till dawn at the best basement in the city or near the river to Rose in Rio or Rio Electronic Music.

Buenos Aires is an experience on its own, so sleep well and go for the adventure with sunglasses in your pocket or purse.

You are going to definitely love Colombian’s nightlife


Reading the name of the city takes you inevitably to the warning you used to get two decades ago because of the drug cartels running it. Everything changed for the better and the city is completely refurbished to its best expression ever. You are going to definitely love Colombian’s nightlife where electronic music, salsa, merengue, bachata and all sorts of Latin rhythms are mixed with the infrastructure and views only a huge city like this can provide.

To get a full taste of what the term Latin American means, you can just go and soak in among locals, they will welcome you with arms open.



Ecuador is a unique place in the world with a rich history (one of the first cities in the continent) and a vibrant present. Montañita used to be just another traditional fishing town with astonishing beaches but in the last two decades, it has become the surfing paradise of the region bringing along an exciting nightlife involving mostly surfers and locals.

Get ready to live a truly unique experience in a small Latin American town that will be almost too good to be true.

When the night falls, surfers go out and have fun


Peru is the home of Machu Picchu, which is a marvel on its own, but what most people don’t know is that it also is a surfer’s paradise up north. The absence of coral reefs and sharks coupled with the huge waves and the breath-taking beaches is perfect to spend the whole day in the water until all ten fingers are wrinkled.

When the night falls, surfers go out and have fun, so there’s always one or two spots in this town where entertaining gathers all of them together. Not a quiet town, but a beautiful one.

Series Media is a media and sound diffusion company that specializes in the publication and distribution of Latin American music. Latin America has such an amazing culture and we believe that the best way to study the culture of a people if to study their music. One challenge with the music of Latin America is there are lots of great compositions that are either not yet published or some were published decades ago and are yet to be republished.